Couples In Business Together: 5 Things to Consider

So you’ve decided to start a business with a partner. You come up with a business plan, set your goals, and work out your physical office space. It’s time to get to work and make your business successful. Now what?

Running a successful business is never easy. Fast money and working 4 hours per week is only a reality on the infomercials that you see at 3:00 in the morning.

Running a business with your partner is even more difficult. It takes true team work.


In Business With Your Partner? Clearly Define Your Roles!

When I work with couples who want to balance home and work, I’m surprised to hear how many of them are frustrated because their roles aren’t clearly defined and relatively balanced. Naturally, neither of you wants to feel as though you’re doing all the work at home or in your business. Resentment can build in both the boardroom and the bedroom when the work isn’t fairly divided. Although I encourage my clients to maintain healthy boundaries between home and business, feelings carry over- we’re only human.


How to Co-Chair a Successful Fundraiser by Using Coprenuerial Principles

The Basics Of A Successful Copreneurial Relationship Work For All Kinds Of Partnerships! Where have I been? I haven’t been blogging, that’s for sure! I was working on another volunteer project. It was nothing on the scale of Coaches United for Success in America. Rather, it was a fundraiser for my own community. I belong […]

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Copreneurs: Determine Your Risk Tolerance Before Starting a Business

In my last post, I advised couples in business together to determine their risk tolerance.

I’m not a financial risk-taker. My risk tolerance is very low. I wouldn’t go to Las Vegas to gamble because losing money keeps me up at night. My husband, on the other hand, has a higher risk tolerance. If we started a business together, he’d be fine with having all our eggs in one basket, whereas I wouldn’t.

So, why is important for couples in business together to determine their risk tolerance?


Copreneurs: How Do You Handle Conflict in Front of Employees?

So, you have an idea for a business and think it would be great to join forces with your partner. After all, you have a happy home life, you get along great, and you’d like to spend more time together, so wouldn’t it stand to reason that you’d make good business partners?

Ummm, sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

If you and your partner are running a business together, and you’re having trouble dealing with conflict, you’re not alone. While there are many copreneurs, or couplepreneurs as they’re also called, who easily translate a happy marriage into a happy business relationship, others have a bumpier ride as they learn to navigate their new roles. Now, add employees to the mix.


Couples in Business Together: Not Always a 50/50 Proposition

If you’re in business with your spouse, accept the fact that, just like marriage, copreneurship isn’t always a 50/50 proposition. There will be periods when one of you will do considerably more work than the other for the good of the business. Often, it depends on whose skills are needed for the immediate task at hand. Accept it and focus on your long-term goal for success.

Okay- for those of you who will jump on me to say “of course marriage is a 50/50 proposition,” I have to argue that, on a day to day basis, it’s really not. Over the course of your relationship, 100/100 is the goal, in that each of you should be putting 100% effort into home and business. But, for this article, I’m focusing on workload.