Employees Who Care Are Your Key to Success

by Pamela on February 18, 2013

Create High-Performing Employees Who Are Connected to the Success of Your Company

When you hear the term “emotional connection,” what do you think of? Love? You probably aren’t thinking of work, right?

Making emotional connections is something that a lot of leaders ignore because they mistake it for being emotional or showing emotion. It’s actually about making a one-on-one human connection. When employees care about their work, they are more likely to be committed and often go above and beyond your expectations. Think of how much more productive and harmonious the workplace would be if you could connect with your employees and they could reciprocate.

Your employees take their cues from you so here are a few things you do to ‘invite’ them to connect:


One of the best ways to foster a connection with anyone is to listen to them. Ask your team for their opinion. Get their feedback. Look them in the eye when they are speaking with you and focus on what they are saying. You may only be able to give them 5 minutes of your time, so make sure it’s quality time. No one likes to be brushed off.

Identify Your Employees’ Strengths

Match the right person to the right job. Employees who are encouraged to lead with their strengths tend to be more engaged performers. When you allow them to think, troubleshoot, and participate, they build an emotional connection to their work which contributes to the success of your business.

Clearly Communicate Your Vision

Clear communication is crucial. If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll notice that I’ve said this ad nauseam. You must get everyone on the same page and connected to the outcome of each project and the overall success of the business. Clearly articulate your goals so that they have something to work toward. Make sure you have a mission statement and share it. Every employee, regardless of their position, should know the mission statement.

Stay Focused

There’s a big difference between having the ability to switch gears and being a flip-flopping flake. While it’s great to evolve, constantly changing direction or jumping from new idea to new idea can be very confusing to your employees and it undermines your credibility. When you change your focus all the time, the people who work for you get frustrated because they never know what to expect.

Meet With Your Employees Often

Holding regular meetings, even if they’re brief, keeps your team informed of what you want to accomplish and what’s expected of them. If they’re having any challenges, encourage them to speak up during the meeting and invite others to help come up with solutions. This can take the pressure off of you to solve everything, while empowering employees, and building cohesion within the group. It also gives individuals an opportunity to display their problem solving skills which could be helpful to you as you expand and find new roles for people.

Great leaders know that forming emotional connections with people is key to their success. For some, it’s an innate skill. For others, it can be learned. Whether it comes natural to you or not, take the time to build the connection. The rewards are innumerable.

What things do you do to make your employees feel emotionally connected to the company?

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