In Business With Your Partner? Clearly Define Your Roles!

When I work with couples who want to balance home and work, I’m surprised to hear how many of them are frustrated because their roles aren’t clearly defined and relatively balanced. Naturally, neither of you wants to feel as though you’re doing all the work at home or in your business. Resentment can build in both the boardroom and the bedroom when the work isn’t fairly divided. Although I encourage my clients to maintain healthy boundaries between home and business, feelings carry over- we’re only human.


Employees Who Care Are Your Key to Success

When you hear the term ’emotionally connected’ you probably think of personal relationships. You can also be emotionally connected to your work, a goal, or an outcome. Think of how much more productive and harmonious the workplace would be if we could all be emotionally connected to our work. What can small business owners do to create this positive atmosphere? It takes dedication and the rewards are immense in so many ways. If you’re interested in some ways to get your employees emotionally connected, read on…..


Copreneurs: Determine Your Risk Tolerance Before Starting a Business

In my last post, I advised couples in business together to determine their risk tolerance.

I’m not a financial risk-taker. My risk tolerance is very low. I wouldn’t go to Las Vegas to gamble because losing money keeps me up at night. My husband, on the other hand, has a higher risk tolerance. If we started a business together, he’d be fine with having all our eggs in one basket, whereas I wouldn’t.

So, why is important for couples in business together to determine their risk tolerance?


Great Customer Service: Provide It Or Your Competition Will

In a Down Economy, Great Customer Service is Key The lack of great customer service has been a big topic of conversation among my friends and family lately. What happened to that old adage “The customer is always right?” Never have I experienced such poor customer service as I have in the last few months, […]