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Life Coaching With Pamela Beaudet

Are You Facing Any of These Challenges in Your Personal Or Professional Life? You need to have a difficult conversation with someone in your life and you don’t know where to start You have a conflict that needs resolving You’d like to be more assertive without being abrasive You have a hard time clearly articulating […]


Formal Coach Training: Essential or Not?

Do You Choose Your Business Coach Based on Their Training? In the coaching world, there’s a big debate about whether formal coach training is essential. Unfortunately, coaching remains an unregulated field. Anyone can call themselves a life or business coach. When I first wrote this post in 2009, I was on the fence as to […]

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Who’s YOUR Business Coach?

The times, they are a changin: five years ago when I decided to become a coach, my friends had no idea what I was talking about. As I went through training at iPEC, I was assured that things would change, and the tipping point would come. Soon people would stop asking “what’s a business coach” and start asking “who’s your business coach?” Well, that time has come. It seems almost counter-intuitive in a recession, but it’s true.

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Is the Coaching Missing from So-Called Successful Coaching Businesses?

Too Many Would-Be Coaches Preying on Their Peers For Profit When I started my coach training 5 years ago, I was afraid that I was walking into a cult. I was wrong. It was great. But right away, my gut told me that those who were making the really big bucks were getting rich off […]


Hotel Chain’s Cost Cutting Debacle: Are YOU Making These Mistakes?

Business Owners: How Careless Cost Cutting Measures May do More Harm Than Good This may be a local Boston issue, but it has far-reaching implications. The Hyatt Hotel chain in Boston recently laid off close to 100 housekeepers who were making around 15 dollars an hour and replaced them with workers from an Atlanta company […]