Copreneurs: How Do You Handle Conflict in Front of Employees?

So, you have an idea for a business and think it would be great to join forces with your partner. After all, you have a happy home life, you get along great, and you’d like to spend more time together, so wouldn’t it stand to reason that you’d make good business partners?

Ummm, sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

If you and your partner are running a business together, and you’re having trouble dealing with conflict, you’re not alone. While there are many copreneurs, or couplepreneurs as they’re also called, who easily translate a happy marriage into a happy business relationship, others have a bumpier ride as they learn to navigate their new roles. Now, add employees to the mix.


Copreneurs: Partners and Married Couples in Business Together!

Coaching partners, married or otherwise is a unique experience and unlike other client relationships that I have. I found out recently, that there is a term for it: ‘copreneurs.’ We’ve known the term ‘entrepreneur’ for ages, and are getting used to ‘solopreneur.’ When I worked for StomperNet, I coached quite a few copreneurs, and didn’t really think too much about it. I studied couples coaching in my training, but this felt different. Partners in business usually have the social/emotional component, but the business itself puts coaching copreneurs in a league of its own.